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Paraeducator 2 (Medical)

at Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Posted: 9/28/2019
Job Reference #: 2457115
Keywords: medical

Job Description

Overall Job Objective


Classified Employee's Salary Schedule: A-25

Positions are typically 4 - 6 hours per day, Monday - Friday, during the regular school year.
Individuals in this classification must be willing to travel to schools in both Santa Monica and Malibu, as assigned.

Tentative Exam Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Under the general supervision of an administrator, the Paraeducator-2 (Medical) will assist in the implementation of instructional and developmental programs for students who are considered medically fragile.  Students may require medically related specialized health care procedures on a regular basis, which may include G-tube feeding, catheterization, general ostomy care and tracheostomy care.

Please note that this bulletin is for the Paraeducator 2 (Medical) recruitment. If you would like to apply to our other Paraeducator positions as well, please be sure to complete additional applications for those classifications on our website
Paraeducator 1 (Special Education):
This general classification assists teachers and cares for the physical needs of students with disabilities in a classroom setting. Paraeducator 1's may assist with non-intrusive medical health and/or occasional behavioral support, prompting, or guidance.
Paraeducator 2 (Medical):
In addition to Paraeducator 1 duties, Paraeducator 2's are specialized in conducting intrusive medical procedures and providing daily, ongoing medical support to students with disabilities.
Paraeducator 3 (Behavioral):
In addition to Paraeducator 1 duties, Paraeducator 3's are specialized in providing regular ongoing behavioral monitoring, data collection, assessment, and interventions to students with disabilities.

Must possess (1) a high school diploma (or recognized equivalent) and (2) attainment of one of the following:

  • Completed 48 units at an institution of higher learning; OR
  • Obtained an Associate's (or higher) degree; OR
  • Have at least one (1) year experience working with individuals with special needs; OR
  • Receive a passing score on the District's Instructional Assistance written examination, which assesses knowledge of principles related to assisting in the instruction of reading, writing and mathematics

Six (6) months of paid or verifiable volunteer experience working with individuals with special needs


  • Valid, current CPR and First Aid certification



Note: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees, and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities and qualifications required of personnel so classified. Reasonable accommodations will be made so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job.


  • Assists with specialized physical health care services, such as lifting and positioning students in/out of wheelchairs, braces, and other orthopedic equipment, and operating medical equipment as appropriate (e.g., gastrostomy tube, tracheotomy tube, colostomy) after receiving necessary training.
  • Assists teachers with activities for students with special needs in all educational settings individually and/or groups to provide instructional support in, but not limited to, cognitive, gross/fine motor and adaptive behavior skills, vocational skills, social and leisure skills, physical development and fitness.
  • Assists students to and from transportation (on the bus as needed) within the school schedule by wheeling beds and chairs; positioning and repositioning students and operating medical equipment as appropriate (e.g., gastronomy tube, tracheotomy tube, colostomy) after receiving necessary training; assists during the transporting and instruction of students in off-campus or community based settings.
  • Assists the teacher in maintaining health/ safety of severely and multiple handicapped students by being aware of the environment and the potential hazards of each child's actions; assist the teacher according to established guidelines and procedures.
  • Serves/prepares meals and feeds students with severe eating problems; monitors self-feeding students as directed by a teacher/health plan; when appropriate, use gastrostomy and suctioning equipment and takes appropriate action when students have difficulty while eating.
  • Helps provide assistance for the students with personal hygiene/grooming; monitor individual bathroom routines; change diapers and/or clothing as needed.
  • Assists designated instructional service providers (i.e. Physical Therapist) with physical development activities when applicable.
  • Administers medication, first aid and/or CPR in accordance with established health plan.
  • Performs routine sanitation duties to ensure a clean/sterile environment (e.g., clean dishes, tables, toys, therapy equipment).
  • Assists students in using computer applications and related assistive technology.
  • Attends trainings, workshops, and staff development meetings as required.
  • Assists teachers with implementation of student's Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Completes reports and records, such as accident and incident reports; daily documentation on healthcare log.
  • Works with students with special needs in all educational settings individually and/or in groups to provide instructional support (academic and functional) in, but not limited to, cognitive, gross/fine motor and adaptive behavior skills, vocational skills, social and leisure skills, and physical development and fitness, [may assist with functional skills (e.g., bathroom routines) and community-based/vocational instruction] according to state standards, classroom objectives, and the Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Lift/transfer students in and out of holding or locomotive devices, which can include on and off the bus, on and off the toilet, in and out of a wheelchair, in and out of a stander, push locomotive devices, and/or assist students with necessary physical aid appliances when trained by appropriate staff.
  • Accompany or assists students to and from, and/or on the school bus and/or other forms of transportation (such as public transit and taxis) including moving to and from activities on and with transitions within the school site and in off-campus and community settings schedule.
  • Provide ongoing basic or emergency medical assistance to students as needed using appropriate equipment; including, but not limited to, first aid, CPR, and emergency injections or suppositories.
  • Assist students with basic personal hygiene; with hand washing, eating, toileting (including diapering) and other basic personal care needs hygiene, self-reliance, and academic/behavioral approach.
  • Assist in monitoring the safety of students in various educational settings, including assisting in basic emergency procedures.
  • Assists teacher in the implementation of students' Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and classroom/individual behavioral management plans.
  • Assists in the physical material preparation, instructional delivery accommodation, instructional modification, and implementation of lesson plans/instructional materials as directed by the teacher.
  • Assists students in using computer applications and related assistive technology.
  • Assist in monitoring of students' behavior, skills, and abilities, using basic note taking and data entry.
  • Communicates student progress to teachers and designated service providers through logs and other data collection methods.
  • Completes reports and records, such as accident and incident reports as needed.
  • Perform routine sanitation duties to ensure a clean environment by cleaning dishes, tables, toys, therapy equipment, and other commonly used materials.
  • Assist with cleaning personal equipment, such as glasses, hearing aids, orthopedic devices, etc.
  • Attends trainings, workshops, and staff development meetings as required.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


Para 1 (Special Education) & Para 2 (Medical) ? Knowledge

  • Oral and written communication skills; correct English usage, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Basic instructional techniques and methods
  • Basic principles and practices of child development and child guidance
  • Basic child development as it relates to students with significant disabilities
  • State standards specific to grade level(s) assigned
  • Pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations
  • Basic mathematics
  • Basic computer application practices (e.g., data entry)
  • Basic assistive technology
  • Health-related Standard Precautions
  • Basic health and safety regulations (including First Aid and CPR procedures)
  • Basic emergency procedures as they relate to obtaining professional medical and safety assistance
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • General needs, behavior, physical limitations, special needs and emotional problems of students who may require personal or health care
  • Basic behavior management techniques
  • Methods and techniques of lifting and moving children with physical limitations
  • Health and safety and basic first aid techniques, including CPR
  • Child guidance principles and practices as they relate to children with physical limitations
  • Safe practices in school and playground settings

Para 2 (Medical) Knowledge

  • Special needs of students with severe and multiple health/medical problems
  • Basic strategies and techniques of assisting in the instruction of students, including those who are medically fragile
  • General needs, behavior, physical limitations, special needs and emotional problems of students who may require ongoing personalized medical or health care


Para 1 (Special Education) & Para 2 (Medical) Skills & Abilities
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions
  • Recognize when to ask for assistance
  • Follow District practices for reporting absences
  • Refrain from using personal electronic devices for purposes unrelated to assigned duties
  • Assist the teacher in responding to student health emergencies
  • Demonstrate specialized emergency health care procedures after training
  • Model appropriate behavior and conduct for students and staff
  • Independently lift children weighing up to 50 pounds into and out of wheelchairs, orthopedic equipment, and school transportation vehicles
  • Lift children weighing over 50 pounds into and out of wheelchairs, orthopedic equipment, and school transportation vehicles, using appropriate assistance from other personnel
  • Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity toward students and their individual differences in terms of abilities, cultures and languages
  • Establish positive rapport with and gain confidence of students with special needs
  • Recognize the need to provide for the personal privacy and dignity of handicapped children
  • Demonstrate an understanding, patient and receptive attitude toward children with special needs
  • Assist students by providing proper examples, emotional support, and general guidance
  • Assist in the instruction of state standards, classroom management and behavior support plans
  • Reinforce instruction to individual or small groups of students as directed by the teacher
  • Assist in the supervision of children in the classroom and outdoors
  • Assist in the discipline of assigned students according to staff direction and approved policy
  • Assist in the preparation of instructional materials and maintain records as directed by teacher.
  • Use basic computer applications and assistive technology
  • Assist in bathroom routines and feeding
  • Communicate effectively and work cooperatively with co-workers, management, faculty, students, parents, public and private representatives, and other department personnel
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries with students, parents, and staff
  • Recognize and report safety hazards
  • Maintain confidentiality of student records or other sensitive and privileged information in accordance with district, state and federal mandates and other specified legal requirements or policies
  • Maintain emotional control in difficult situations
  • Efficiently and effectively react to emergencies
  • Learn and adapt to new procedures and conditions
  • Perform routine clerical duties and maintain records
  • Work independently with minimal direction
  • Provide information and assistance to parents, the general public and other staff members in a helpful, courteous and timely manner
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action
  • Plan and organize work to meet schedules and timelines in an environment with constantly changing priorities
  • Travel to multiple sites within the same work day

Para 2 (Medical) Abilities 

  • Demonstrate specialized nursing health care procedures after training
  • Use assistive lift devices; such as sling or sit-to-stand lifts


Supervision:  Establishing overall expectations, goals and objectives, and aligning departmental resources
Received from:  Site Administrator
Given to:  None
Work Direction:  Providing specific instruction and expectations on how to complete daily activities.
Received from:  Site Administrator
Collaborators:  Director of Special Education, Special Education Coordinator, Classroom Instructor, School Nurse, Behavioral Intervention Specialist
Given to:  None

Work Evaluation:
Assessing the performance outcomes based on work direction and supervision expectations.
Received from:
Site Administrator with input from Director of Special Education, Special Education Coordinator, Classroom Instructor, School Nurse, and Behavioral Intervention Specialist
Given to:
May require sitting, stooping, crouching, standing, bending, climbing, squatting, kneeling, crawling, pulling, pushing, and walking to work with assigned students.  Must have hand and finger dexterity to operate office equipment, learning aid, and instructional materials.  May lift or move a student weighing up to fifty (50) pounds alone.

Other physical demands include running, reacting, and moving quickly; safely cleaning up body fluids and the ability to apply Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) restraint techniques.

Exposure to contact with blood and other bodily fluids. May be required to work with harsh and toxic substances, such as bleach.


To be considered for an employment opportunity with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, it is necessary for you to complete an official District Application and Supplemental Questions. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of an application. The application is part of the examination process and is part of your total evaluation of qualifications for employment. 

For those candidates who meet the minimum qualifications, the examination process will consist of any one or more of the following: Training and Experience Evaluation, Written Test, Performance Test, and/or Structured Interview. Additional information pertaining to the examination process will be emailed to those candidates who meet the minimum qualifications. 

Protest of any part of the examination process must be in writing and received in the office of the Director of Classified Personnel no later than five (5) working days from the date you were notified of examination results. All notifications are sent electronically via email.  Any protest must include rationale to support the protest and must be based on illegal discrimination, abuse of discretion, or procedure/process error.  We are not responsible for any incoming mail that is lost or misdirected after it has been entrusted to the US Postal Service. 

If you have a disability that may require an accommodation in any of these examination procedures, please notify the Personnel Commission in writing at the time you submit your application. 

This examination process shall be open to all qualified applicants and shall result in one integrated eligibility list. All eligibility lists shall be established in accordance with Personnel Commission rules and shall be established for a period one (1) year, unless otherwise noted, or until there are fewer than three (3) ranks of eligible candidates who are available.  Candidates are placed on the eligibility list in rank order according to their final examination score.  Final examination scores will not change, but ranking may change as other candidates are added or removed from the list. 

Generally, new employees start at the first step on the appointed salary schedule. When filling a permanent vacancy, a new employee may request a higher salary placement based on having training and experience that greatly exceeds the minimum qualifications. An employee may submit a formal request for advanced step consideration on or after the first day of employment. Education transcripts, training certificates, and additional references may be requested for verification purposes.

All correspondence and notifications regarding this recruitment will be sent to the email address you provide. It is your responsibility to review, follow instructions, and respond to information in a timely manner; as if it was a function of your job.

The provisions of this announcement do not constitute an expressed or implied contract, and any provisions contained in this announcement may be modified or revoked without notice.

 Approved 2005
June 14, 2005
Revised February 21, 2006
Revised September 19, 2006
Revised September 2, 2008
Title/Revision change from Instructional Assistant-Health, March 10, 2009
Title/Revision change fromDevelopmental/Health Instructional Assistant, June 12, 2012
Revised December 10, 2013
Revised March 10, 2015